Last weekend, following a wonderful dinner, we decided to see “The Hunger Games”. While unaware of the exact storyline and subject matter before entering, I watched in disbelief, as children (Tributes?) were forced to slaughter each other in order to survive, while crowds of spectators (ADULTS AND CHILDREN) watched, cheered and glorified the sacrificial games in the name of entertainment and “honour”. This evening, I am sad..sad because I didn’t walk out when my instinct told me to…sad for the children that were sitting next to me in the audience… sad because I was a part of a crowd, not unlike the spectators in the film, viewing a killing spree in the name of entertainment. In an age of dangerously rampant bullying among children in our schools, the repercussions could be dangerous.We always have a choice.Now that I am more informed, when the sequel to “The Hunger Games” arrives, there will be at least one spectator less in the “coliseum”. Ironically, there is a positive message here-it’s actually a line in the film…”if there are no spectators, there are no games” Love, Learn Live, XO…NamasteJ